Upgrade Your Business Email Address

Upgrade Your Business Email Address

Is email still the number one tool to communicate in business?

If you run a business there is no way around not having an email address. Email is still the most used way to communicate in business and that is not expected to change anytime soon. There’s rarely a better method of transferring information than via email. It is secure and yes emails can be hacked but thanks to encrypted services your data can be protected. Not only can you transfer files and documents to the receiver, but you can also store the information for future reference. Emails arrive in your inbox nearly instantaneously. Thanks to smartphones, you can get access to your email pretty much anywhere. So why wouldn’t you want to keep using emails?

What do you need to look for in an email address?
Gmail is one of the most popular email accounts and has been with us since 2009. By 2016, Gmail use hit a record 1 billion worldwide. The users enjoy all the apps that Gmail has to offer, including Google Docs, Google+, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google My Business. And it’s all free so why would you pay for Gmail services?

Businesses that use the free version of Gmail can only send emails as mybusinessname@gmail.com. Notice how your bank, insurance company and airline never use consumer email addresses. The reason they don’t is because it looks cheap.

A customer is 9x more likely to do business with a company that has an actual business email address than with a company that doesn’t, according to Steven Aldrich from GoDaddy. In other words, customers want to see a business email address that looks professional, rather than one that looks similar to their mother’s email address.

What benefit do you have when owning a custom email address? (eg. Contact@mybusinessname.com)

  • It looks professional which gains trust.
  • Your email is protected from phishing and spam that blocks more than 99.9% of attacks.
  • Less likely to land in the spam folder.
  • Instead of the Google logo, your brand icon will appear in all emails.
  • You can have custom emails for all your employees.
  • Double the amount of storage for all your files from 15GB to 30GB.
  • Google Meets is already installed and very easy to use – no need for zoom.
  • You can run your entire business with all the Google services.
  • No ads in your account that can distract you from your actual work.
  • You can sync your Gmail account with your Microsoft Outlook without any further cost.

With all these benefits and a small financial investment of NZD $9/per month, it makes sense that when it comes to G Suite vs. free Gmail,  any business owner or company should switch to G Suite. After all, smooth operation, full control and peace of mind are critical to running a business in today’s digital world.

So what are the next steps if you want to upgrade your personal email account to a paid account?

  1. First you need a domain for your business (for example borriegroup.co.nz). You don’t need a website to run your G Suite account, but you do need a domain that will be used as an extension of all the emails in your G Suite account instead of the standard “@gmail.com”. If you don’t own a domain you can go buy a domain on GoDaddy or Freeparking just to name a few.
  2. Once you have your domain you can go to Google Workspace to set up your new Custom Domain Business Email Address.
  3. Redirect your old emails to your new email account.
  4. Set up your signature and off you go!

Why email remains the top communication tool for businesses

Email is not a perfect system. Like every other form of communication it has its downsides, but it’s proven to be the most useful form of communication to date. Which is why it is important to make sure that your email address supports you the best way possible and one way is by having a custom email address for each of your employees.

If you need any support with setting up your customer email accounts we can point you in the right direction or you can contact Lucy from Create your future directly who is a marketing specialist and helps businesses with their overall online presence.

Newsletter written by Lucy Fritsche, Marketing expert and owner of Create your future ©Create your Future ltd.


Our ‘Upgrade Your Business Email Address’ not enough?

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