Maori trusts:
help with trust financial planning

Why Maori trusts need specialist advice and assistance

Managing and administering Maori trusts is a complex task requiring specialist knowledge and strong relationships. Maori land, businesses and organisations operate according to their own kaupapa, and land issues are resolved at the Maori Land Court.

Borrie Financial Group has specific expertise in handling all matters relating to Maori Trusts, having been trusted advisor to Maori trusts for over fifty years. We’ll help to ensure your trust runs smoothly and effectively for the good of all.

The keys to success

Ensuring effective, compliant administration of land.

Monitoring and managing the payment of bills.

Ensuring rent is collected and kept up-to-date.

Monitoring and reporting of trust financials.

Collating and distributing meeting minutes.

How we help you to achieve your goals

Maori trusts, like other trusts, should be set up for the benefit of everyone now and in the future. Our family has an ongoing, proud association with whanau throughout Hawke’s Bay, taking care of administration associated with Maori trusts, providing accountancy services and specialist advice as required. Ask around about us.

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