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The reasons you need good tax advice

Paying the right amount of tax should be a concern for all people and business owners. Nobody wants to pay too much tax or too little. This is where good tax advice can save you money or save you from an unpleasant experience with the IRD.

Paying the right amount of tax can be a complex process if you own a business or are self-employed. It pays to seek good tax advice so you can meet your obligations and avoid penalties.

The keys to success

We can handle your affairs with the IRD.

Get your tax obligations structured to suit your needs.

We’ll ensure you get the right tax entitlements.

Rest assured you’ve paid the right amount of tax on-time.

Let us deal with your GST, personal taxation, Working for Families entitlements, PAYE, FBT, RWT, ACC and more.

How we help you to achieve your goals

The best approach to tax is to be open, direct and transparent. Your business can have its tax obligations planned and structured in advance, ensuring you meet them on-time with a full understanding of your liabilities. Let us remove the worry of dealing with the IRD by taking care of your personal and business tax returns.

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