What to Look for in an Accountant

What to Look for in Accountant

What to Look for in Accountant? If you’re a business owner looking to choose an accountant, it’s important to understand that their work goes beyond balancing your accounting books. Nowadays, accountants are also business  advisors and can help you make better-informed decisions and grow your business.

As a business owner, understanding the value of an accountant is just the first step.  No matter how big your business venture is, having an accountant is imperative if you want to set yourself up for success.

Keep reading to learn what to look for when choosing the right accountant for your business.


Tax and business can be incredibly complex, a qualified and certified accountant is the best source for advice.    Ensure that your accountant holds an appropriate qualification, is certified and maintains ongoing CPD hours to keep up with changes in legislation.

At Borrie Financial Group, all of our team are fully qualified and certified for the work they do.  We have our qualifications framed and on the wall because we are proud of our profession.   We all complete  our required CPD hours to make sure we keep up with changes in legislation, and are bound to professional standards and legislative requirements.



Trust is imperative, unless you have a very strong understanding on tax you are putting complete  trust in your accountant.  What to look for;

  • Affiliation with an accounting professional body which is bound by professional ethics
  • Do they stress the importance of following the rules, and seem trust-worthy
  • Confidentiality, privacy and security.
At Borrie Financial Group, our senior Accountants are all members of ATAINZ and we believe the Professional Ethics of our profession, and  our own personal integrity.  We protect our customers  confidentiality, privacy and security with detailed, best practice procedures.



The specific range of skill, knowledge and qualification to do something successfully.   What to look for;

  • Ongoing professional development and qualifications.
  • Experience and exposure to many businesses
  • Knowledge and professional aptitude
Our team have significant training and  experience in their roles within Borrie Financial Group.  We have a depth of experience within both Chartered Accountancy,  Management and Commercial  Accounting within the public sector and being business owners ourselves.


Communication is a two way street.  It is important that you try to understand and seek clarification when you don’t.   What to look for;

  • They ask questions, and answer your questions fully.
  • They avoid, or explain jargon and take the time to ensure you understand
  • Important communications and advice is in writing
We understand tax is complex, we try to tailor our communication to suit our customers.  We try our hardest to demystify the numbers, and have tip sheets, videos and articles to help with understanding.


Accounting is deadline driven, and sometimes completing the work accurately can take some time.   This is where the importance of having a team comes into play.   Look for an accounting practice that has a good team, and is not dependent on just one person.

We have a strong team which includes administration and reception team members and  intermediate and senior accountants.   We all work together to achieve the best result for our customers.


Our ‘Use Up That Annual Leave!’ not enough?

The better you understand your business and your financials, the easier it will be to make more money and ultimately achieve your goals.   We have developed comprehensive resources to enable business owners to fully understand and interpret their numbers.  Need more help? Join our free webinars on financial awareness coaching or talk to us about personalised financial awareness coaching.  Contact Samantha for a call, zoom or meet on 06 871 0793.



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